• October 4, 2023

Climate Change Is Racist Because Air Ports Are Near Cities Says BLM

How do we deal with such logic? How do people with common sense deal with such lunacy by Black Lives Matter. Environmental Inequality is racist. What else will be called racist, snow, because it’s white! Power plants, airports, and other carbon-emitting giants are often located in cities with predominately poor, black populations, meaning they’re more likely to suffer from pollution. As they conclude, “Climate crisis is a racist crisis.” How long would you stare before you would blink listening to this logic?

According to Eaglerising:

Black Lives Matter UK, with the “full support” of the U.S. movement, has shut down London City Airport because “environmental inequality is a racist crisis”, demanding more mass migration into Europe.Police have confirmed that nine protesters on the runway locked themselves together, causing huge delays. Seven have been arrested on suspicion of “aggravated trespass”.“We’re currently experiencing disruption to all flights due to protestors at the airport. Police are currently on the scene”, tweeted London City Airport (LCA).

There has to be a point where the safety of the public takes precedent over civil protest. There is order in the sky and it is based on time. People cannot block the run way over such nonsense, and it is nonsense. Anyone who can try to rationalize racism with the environment is not thinking straight, and should be held in contempt. Protests like this require heavy jail time to make a point. What do you think?

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