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Leader of Portland Anti-Trump Protest Arrested for Sex With a Minor Boy

Micah Rhodes, one of the leaders of the violent Portland protests against President Trump was arrested at one of his protests and hauled off to jail in what police say is sexual behavior with an underage boy.



Rhodes, who is expected to make an appearance in court on Monday is already a sex offender.

Rhodes became a registered sex offender following convictions of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree sodomy, according to court records. Details of his conviction remain unknown because under state law juvenile records are not publicly available.

But since he was a minor, those charges must be about an act that was not consensual.

In the newest charges:

Rhodes allegedly met the teenage boy on gay dating app Grindr. The teen told police that Rhodes knew he was a minor before they had sex, but that the two did so on multiple occasions anyway. The charges are for statutory, non-forced rape, local news outlets are reporting.

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