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Starbucks’ Plan to Hire 10,000 REFUGEES is Completely ILLEGAL

Starbucks announced that they planned to hire 10,000 refugees in countries where they do business.  As it turns out, to do so would be a direct violation of US and could result in yuge fines and other penalties.

In the United States it is illegal to hire someone based on their country of origin.  Similarly, it is illegal to refuse employment based on their country of origin.  Therefore, if Starbucks intentionally hires refugees, they would be breaking the law.  Normally, it’s difficult to prove the bias, but since they announced the policy, they cannot later deny that was their intention.


Bloomberg reported:

Starbucks Corp. Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz, who wrote he had a “heavy heart” over U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration order, said the company plans to hire 10,000 refugees over five years around the world.

Trump issued an order on Jan. 27 suspending the admission of refugees into the U.S. for 120 days and banning citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days. The directive has been criticized by U.S. allies Canada and Germany.

Starbucks is in direct contact with employees affected by the immigration ban and will do “everything possible to support and help them to navigate through this confusing period,” Schultz said in a letter to employees posted on the coffee chain’s website.

However, if Starbucks decides to hire employees based on nationality that is against US federal law.

That violates U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules.

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