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Liberal Democrats..Beware the Ides of November 2018



The liberal democrats are living in fear and that fear will manifest itself on November 6th, 2018.  In case you haven’t guessed, that will be election day.  This year’s election was important for reasons other than the presidency.  The democrats desperately needed to take control of the Senate.  That is because 2018 is lurking and could spell disaster for them.  There are at least 33 seats up for grabs.  Making it worse is that democrats will have to defend 23 seats to the republicans 10.  Only one republican could be in trouble but the democrats could have trouble in no less than 12.

Senators caucusing with republicans are at 52 and another 48 caucus with the democrats.  Besides the natural danger of having to defend so many seats, democrats have even a bigger worry.  If Trump proves to be a successful president, he could sway a lot of voters in the midterm elections and let’s face it, Obama has set a very low bar to success.  Tim Kaine in Virginia will be particularly vulnerable considering his performance in the VP debate and his failure to draw crowds as Hillary’s running mate.

There are four democrats running for reelection in traditionally republican states with another 6 in swing states, and all six are in states won by Donald Trump in 2016.  It will be difficult but not impossible for republicans to pick up eight seats and win a filibuster proof majority.

In the meantime, democrats are in a tough spot.  They can try to keep Trump from succeeding by filibustering every bill they can, but that would anger many voters who want change and if they help Trump, they weaken themselves in 2018.  They face another considerable challenge.  Harry Reid used legislative tricks to pass legislation and to confirm presidential nominees.  If McConnell is smart, he will follow Reid’s example and break the gridlock.

I have come not to praise democrats, but to bury them.

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