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Liberal Federal Judge Makes a Laughingstock of Himself

District Judge Andre Birotte of the Central District of California, a far left liberal ruled on President Trump’s temporary ban on 7 jihadi countries.  The judged ruled that the government had to process anyone with a valid visa and allow them into the country.


FILE PHOTO - Andre Birotte Jr. speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles, California February 21, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni


The problem is the judge either doesn’t read very good or his reading comprehension is in the cellar.  When President Trump signed his executive order, it effectively cancelled all valid visas from those seven countries, therefore, there are no valid visas and the liberal judge’s order is meaningless.

The wording of his ruling is somewhat off base, and compromises the thrust of his order. A Department of State memorandum issued on Jan. 31 — several days before Birotte’s order — in conjunction with the president’s executive order rescinded all visas held by citizens of countries targeted in the ban. Therefore, there most likely were few, if any, “valid immigrant visas” for Birotte to protect, as all “valid immigrant visas” had been canceled days earlier.

“It appears [the judge] was not aware that visas at issue have already been canceled and that ordering the government to respect existing visas is, therefore, beside the point,” Jonathan Meyer, a former deputy general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security, told Politico. “Similarly, he has enjoined cancellation of the visas when perhaps he would have ordered their reinstatement if he knew they had already been canceled. This type of confusion tends to proliferate on all sides when actions are rushed and litigation is taking place in multiple locations simultaneously.”




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