Liberal Parents Trying To DEFUND School Police Officers!

Before my wife and I moved to Florida, we lived in a large city in the northeast where the schools would resemble small towns if you counted the student body as a population.

In total, there were somewhere around 1,500 students from grades 8 to 12 in the school our son went to. To put this into perspective, the town that I grew up in had a population of around a thousand people depending on the year. We had a police force of about ten to twelve cops. Think about that for a moment.

Now that you have had time to digest all of that, there are some liberals that want to get rid of the cops in schools. They want to get rid of the closest thing to law and order that some of these inner-city schools will see. They want to effectively have a small town without a police force.

The Montgomery County Parent-Teacher Association in Maryland is pushing a resolution that would defund all student resource officers from public schools.

According to a copy of the resolution obtained by The Daily Wire, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is calling on the Montgomery County Public School district to “discontinue placing police officers, [or student resource officers], on every high school campus.” The PTA also calls for the district to reallocate the money spent on student resource officers to mental health services and “restorative justice” practices.

The organization claims that student resource officers engage in “bias and discrimination” against minority students and students with disabilities. In a separate letter to elementary school parents — for which the resolution has no immediate impact — PTA President Alyson Kozma claimed student resource officers were also biased against LGBTQ students.

According to the school district’s data, 26 student resources officers work across the district’s 65 middle and high schools.

The PTA’s resolution mimics the messaging of national “defund the police” proposals. The stated goal of the PTA’s resolution is to “end the damaging and ineffective school police model wholesale by prohibiting school districts from contracting with police departments to station officers in schools.”

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