Liberal Professor Challenges Conservative Students to a Fight

Robert Weide

A liberal professor, who brags about lifting weights (yeah, 2 tons of manure every time he stands up) has challenged conservative students to fight him on the mats in the gymnasium.  Seems the professor is miffed because conservative students have invited Ben Shapiro from Breitbart News to the school at California State University in Los Angeles.  (CSULA)

It all began when the Young Americans for Freedom branch at CSULA decided to invite Shapiro to the school to talk on , “When Diversity Becomes a Problem.”  The talk takes in issues such as Black Lives matter, trigger warnings and safe spaces and how they affect free speech.  Several students and at least one assistant professor want to shut the event down because allowing it to go on would appear to be an endorsement for the First Amendment to the Constitution.  The assistant professor is  Robert Weide, an assistant professor of sociology.

Apparently, he is not very sociable as he has challenged students to a physical altercation.  Here are some back and forths from his Twitter page:

Prof. Robert Weide denouncing Cal State University students as white supremacists [Facebook screengrab]

YAF chapter president Mark Kahanding said:

“I am shocked and mortified that a teacher would take part in the accusations that my members and I are white supremacists. [Also,] regardless of where you are in the political spectrum it is disgusting to encourage physical violence and to be completely blind when students make threats to the event.”

The usual liberal morons came out of the woodwork to claim that having Ben Shapiro speak was threatening their safety, but the only threat I see is from a panzy assistant professor, who is counting on his position at the school to keep some student from knocking him into next week.



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