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Liberals Don’t Hate Border Walls Because They Don’t Work, They Hate Them Because They Do

border fence

Most liberals and many establishment republicans are constantly criticizing Trump’s wall for the border.  They lame stream media laugh when he says he will make Mexico pay for the wall.  That’s because they are so dense, they haven’t yet recognized the fact that Trump built a juggernaut presidential campaign and got the lame stream press to pay for it.   They spent so much time laughing at Trump that they never even saw it coming.  The middle class is tired of all the political correctness and paying for the ideological desires of the liberals and their lap dogs in the media.  All that attention they gave Trump and his ideas was their undoing.

One of the media’s favorite tricks is when an idea comes along that they don’t like, they merely say it will never work.  It works because they scare enough people that it never gets tried.  But in Europe, there are many countries who have not surrendered to Political Correctness.

Take Hungary for example.  Everyday 7,000 people entered Hungary on their way to Germany.   Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to construct a wall.  It was a simple wall and not the comprehensive type Trump is suggesting, but it cut the number of illegal immigrants entering Hungary to 970 the next day and averaged only 40 over the next month.  Then a hole was cut in the wall, but even so, the number of illegals entering Hungary was in the low hundreds.  (See the following chart)

(Hungarian Police)

Macedonia built a wall to prevent illegals from entering on their way to Greece.  They too saw a huge drop in illegal border crossings.  In desperation, the refugees tried to force their way into the country but were met by Macedonian troops and were repelled and they never tried that again.

Liberals claim we can’t deny illegals into our homeland because that’s not the kind of country we are, but truth be told, the day we don’t do that is the day we cease being a country.

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