• September 30, 2022

Libertarian Gary Johnson: I Agree With Sanders 73% of the Time

FILE - In this Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011 file photo, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson speaks at a news conference during which he announced he is leaving the Republican Party in favor of seeking a presidential nomination as a Libertarian, at the State Capitol in Santa Fe, N.M. Something's going on in America this election year: a renaissance of an ideal as old as the nation itself - that live-and-let-live, get-out-of-my-business, individualism vs. paternalism dogma that is the hallmark of libertarianism. But what looms are far larger questions about whether an America fed up with government bans and government bailouts - with government, period - is seeing a return to its libertarian roots. (AP Photo/Albuquerque Journal, Eddie Moore, File)

Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson says that he agrees with Bernie Sanders 73% of the time.  Johnson claims that he took the test at  ISideWith.com and that he agreed with himself 100% of the time and agreed with Bernie Sanders 73% of the time.  To test Johnson’s honesty< I took the test myself.  I agreed with Trump 88% of the time, with Johnson 62% of the time and with Bernie Sanders 18% of the time.  Take the test yourself and I am sure you will find as I did that Johnson lies like a dog.  I agreed with Johnson 44% more than I did with Sanders.  Mathematically, Johnson’s comments are not possible.

I have saved the article, so that I can throw it in the face of any libertarian or Cruzbot that claims Johnson is the principled choice for president.

Here is what Johnson said about Sanders:

“But interestingly, of all the presidential candidates, I next side with Bernie Sanders at 73 percent.”

“Now, that’s the side of Bernie that has to do with pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, let’s stop with the military interventions, that there is crony capitalism, that government really isn’t fair when it comes to this level playing field, legalize marijuana,” he said. “Look, 73 percent of what Bernie says I agree with. We come to a T in the road when it comes to economics. I would really argue that if we absolutely had a fair system of economics, that free markets, that we would do a lot better than going down the– going down the path of socialism.”

Johnson is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage.  He is for wage equality, ignoring qualifications.  Those are not my words, they are Johnson’s as you can see above.  Johnson then said that Libertarians support socialism as long as it’s “voluntary”:

“And look, libertarians agree with socialism as long as it’s voluntary.  But, when it’s forced, that’s tyranny. So, that’s the libertarian perspective, but I think there’s so much in common, that just factually speaking, take a look Bernie Sanders supporters who you next side with.”

How do you have a voluntary socialism?

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