• May 26, 2022

Limbaugh Calls Out Paul Ryan And Establishment Over Donald Trump

“The purpose of last night, and it’s a failure today , was to take Trump out forever, not just his political campaign. Donald Trump the human being was to be humiliated and destroyed and rendered so humiliated and embarrassed he would never be seen in public again,” Limbaugh said. Point being keep your wits about you. The government media machine is fanning the flames of the Trump comment to question your commitment to Mr. Trump.

According to Western Journalism:

“WOW! Speaker Ryan and all the other RINO’s that came out against Donald J. Trump still not going to get behind him,” MinnieMae Pearle wrote. “It doesn’t matter b/c no matter what they dish out against Donald he has won the hearts and minds of Americans, the silent majority! You have to go to their Facebook pages they all are being hammered and the wild news about it is it’s majority are women!”

“The establishment, with everything they have invested in the establishment, want to remain the establishment and in power. They’re just not going to sit back and trust this to your votes. They do not care about you, just your vote. They’re not going to trust this to an election, to a campaign,” the radio host said. They basically think of you as a fool. Have you noticed all the comments and who are saying them? All hypocrites with checkered pasts. Do not buy in to it, stay the course. A great deal depends on this election. Don’t let an 11 year old video with objectionable comments change your vote to a 30 year corrupt Hillary Clinton. What do you think?

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