• June 27, 2022

List of Times “Tolerant Liberals” Became Violent


Liberals have been trying to sell the narrative that Trump supporters are violent hoodlums.  The truth is it’s the “tolerant” left that keeps resorting to violence because they can’t win on the issues.  When President Trump takes office his first act should be to name democrats as domestic terrorists.  Here is a partial list of the times Hillary supporters used violence:

Oct. 15, Bangor, Maine

“Tolerant” liberals spray-painted about 20 parked cars outside of the Trump rally. Paul Foster, whose car was painted during the attack, stated, “Why can’t they do a peaceful protest instead of painting cars, all of this, to make their statement?”

Around Oct. 3, San Francisco, California

Trump supporters were assaulted in a San Francisco bar called Zeitgeist after they were allegedly refused service for expressing their political preference for a Trump presidency. Two of the supporters were punched and chased into the street.

Sept. 28, El Cajon, California

An angry mob erupted at a Black Lives Matter protest and beat 21-year-old Trump supporter Feras Jabro because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.

Sept. 26, St. Peter, Minnesota

As the first presidential debate was about to begin, a woman wearing Trump campaign apparel was assaulted on her way to a debate viewing event.

Aug. 19, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trump supporters had to face an angry leftist mob when they were leaving a Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center. They were hit, pushed and spat on.

Aug. 13, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Vester Bullock, a 68-year-old cancer survivor, was beaten at a garage sale because he wore a Trump pin on his hat. He was assaulted and punched so hard that he lost a tooth.

Aug. 12, West Hollywood, California

Two women assaulted pro-Trump activist Tim Treadstone after a Trump rally. They broke his phone, punched him and clawed at his face. They were formally charged with assault and battery.

Around Aug. 12, West Hollywood, California

On the night of a rally, Tim Treadstone and other Trump supporters were denied access at a popular Mexican restaurant. Other customers began throwing food and screaming at the group.

During the rally, “a can of Monster energy drink, eggs and dog feces were also thrown at pro-Trump demonstrators.”

Aug. 3, Bloomfield, New Jersey

An assailant attacked a 62-year-old man wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt.

“The motorist inquired why (the man) was wearing the shirt, directing profanities at him,” a police spokesman stated. “The (victim) continued to walk away as (the) motorist followed him.”

The motorist hit the man several times with a crowbar, causing injuries to his arms, hands, and thighs.

June 18, Las Vegas, Nevada

British national Michael Sandford, 19, tried to take a gun from a local police officer during a Trump rally. He was arrested and reportedly said he intended to use the gun to kill Trump. (The media had no choice but to report this one.)

June 2,  San Jose, California

Rioters assaulted Trump rally attendees as they left the event while local policed just watched. Since then, 14 of those attacked have filed a class-action lawsuit against the city and Mayor Sam Liccardo.

April 28, Costa Mesa, California

Anti-Trump demonstrators threw rocks at moving cars. One bloodied the face of a Trump supporter who was driving away after the rally.

March 12, Dayton, Ohio

At the airport, Black Lives Matter supporter Thomas Dimassimo rushed the small stage when Trump was speaking. He was tackled by Secret Service agents before he could reach the GOP candidate and was later charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

Before the attack, he had tweeted: “I’ve had about all I can take from the violent trump ralliers. Saturday im (sic) going to check my people and spit on their false king.”

After his release from jail hours later, he tweeted: “F*** you b**** @realDonaldTrump[.]”

The attack did receive widespread media attention.

March 11, Chicago, Illinois

Violent left-wing demonstrators forced a cancellation of Trump’s rally then celebrated shutting it down, which led to the arrest of four people.

Are these the people we want running the country for the next four years?

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