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Little Boy Debates Mother on Having a Cupcake for Dinner [HILARIOUS VIDEO]

Young Mateo was told that he could not have a cupcake for his dinner.  That did not satisfy him and he began to debate his mother using debating techniques used by much older people.  You will find that the following video will cause you to laugh no matter how you try not to.  Liberals, move away.  There is no need for you to call the mother a Nazi fascist or a racist.


To add to the humor in the video, Mateo’s parents had taught him their names in case he ever got lost, he could give police their names and make it easier to reunite them.  Mateo continually calls his mother Linda instead of mom and it adds to the humorous debate.

The Beltrans captured some of Mateo’s debate techniques in a hilarious video that really shows just how impactful it is to address your parents by their given names and not as Mommy or Daddy.

Mateo kicks it off with a plea to “listen to me, listen to me.” He makes his case, as little kids try to do, but mom explains why she has to yell at him. And then, Mateo brings some big boy bargaining techniques to the table – the first name.

He argues, “Okay, Linda, listen, listen,” as he puts his hands up in a decidedly adult gesture. He continues, “Listen, listen, Linda…everything you do at this house, you can’t touch anything at Grandma’s house.”

Mom tries to lay the law down to Mateo but he refuses to give up:

She finally gets his attention, saying, “I said no cupcakes and you try to get cupcakes and you try to ask grandma, didn’t you?” He continues to argue over whether a spanking is necessary over the cupcake incident, adding this gem (hands on hips and the sweetest plea): “But Linda, honey, honey, look at, look at this,” as he makes one last ditch to win mom over.

Nope. Mom isn’t having it, explaining, “I’m just letting you know you cannot have cupcakes for dinner.” And finally, she adds, “I’m done arguing with you. You need to listen to the things that I say because I’m the mom and I’m the adult.”

You think Mateo is done with the fight though? Nope, he’s still talking when the video ends!

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