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Little Girl Tells Teacher Her Daddy Has Weed in His Backyard..She Freaks [VIDEO]

When Dax Holt went to his daughter’s school to pick her up, her teacher jumped all over him for growing weed in his backyard.  Holt was confused and had no idea what the teacher was talking about.  Holt’s daughter  Skylar told the teacher that weed is bad for you and that her daddy lots of it growing in the backyard.


Holt knew that he wasn’t growing illicit drugs in his backyard and could not understand why his daughter would say that he did.  Fortunately, Holt video taped his daughter’s explanation and it turned out to be funny.  She had been talking about weeds, not weed.

Good thing Skylar didn’t tell the teacher how much grass her daddy was growing.  She might have called the DEA on the father.  In the end, the whole mess got straightened out.  I’m sure they all got a big laugh out of it.  I just hope she doesn’t mention the big container of drugs.  You know, the medicine cabinet.


“Weed is not good for you and we have a lot of it.”

But it didn’t stop there.

She told the teacher it was being grown there.

Holt was shocked when Skylar’s teacher confronted him after his little girl ratted him out.

He eventually managed to get the full story out of his daughter, and recorded her explanation:

The little girl’s description about what ‘weed’ really is helped clear everything up:

“Weed is not good for you, because weed is stuff that is grass but it’s not grass because it’s weed.”

Skylar even headed out to the yard to point out the spots where the weed was growing.

As it turns out, she and the teacher were just talking about two very different types of weed….

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