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Group Of Bikers Perform Compassionate Act To Help Grieving Widow [VIDEO]

We hear stories all the time about biker gangs and most of it negative. There are more than likely just as many great stories about bikers that don’t normally make it into the mainstream.


Here’s one of them:


During a motorcycle accident, Rhonda Thill lost her husband of 18-years. Randy Thill had been an avid biker and the freak accident came out of nowhere. Because the police needed to cordon off the area of the accident for the investigation, Rhonda only got Randy’s personal belongings that were found at the accident site a few days after the crash.

As she searched through the bag the police had handed over, they realized something tragic – her husband’s wedding ring was missing. He never went anywhere without it – always proud to claim Rhonda as his wife – Randy would not have taken it off for that fateful ride.

She became desperate to find his ring. It would serve as a great way to honor her late husband’s memory. But she had no way of finding it. Then a group of bikers stepped up to help the grieving widow…

After Rhonda told a few close friends in the St. Paul, Minnesota area that the ring was missing, word began to spread. Soon enough, a local group of bikers gathered together to search the accident area.

Although she had not met most of the bikers before, they wanted to help the grieving widow any way they could. So those bikers went out to where Randy passed, and parked their rides. Then they got down on their hands and knees and searched through the tall grass for the tiny round piece of jewelry.

After just 45 minutes, a biker spotted the gold ring. Not eager to disappoint the widow with the wrong ring, they double checked to make sure it matched her description. When it seemed to be a perfect fit, they jumped on their bikes and dashed over to Rhonda’s house. Then they surprised her with it!

“The group of people that worked to get the ring for me, they’re bikers. And a lot of the times they get a bad rep,” Rhonda said. “[But they] have the biggest hearts in the world,” she said. “They are the first ones to step up and lend a hand when it’s needed.”

Because Rhonda was reunited with the ring, she now has a way to remember the love they shared as a married couple for almost two decades.

But if it wasn’t for a group of strangers, she never would have had that simple comfort. Even though most people might look at those bikers and judge them based on their looks, they were willing to perform a compassionate act to help the grieving woman out.

“It was probably the first time since Randy’s death I had an actual smile on my face, after I stopped crying, because I was so happy about it,” Rhonda said.

This is not the first time a group of bikers have shattered stereotypes. Discover more about BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) for another example. Just like these St. Paul bikers, they’re amazing.

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