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Guy Finds Out Via Text Message He Has The Worst Girlfriend Ever

I would have paid a king’s ransom to be a fly on the wall when this dumb slut discovered she accidentally sent the text to her boyfriend.


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If you’ve been cheated on, you don’t need me to tell you how shitty it feels. Spending your nights wondering how long it’s been going on for and if there were signs that you naively missed.

Unless of course, your partner is stupid enough to text you, instead of their friend, outlining the entire plan to shag someone else behind your back.

Jordan McNelly is the, now former, bf of one such person. He was working 60 hours to save some money so he could take himself and his girlfriend, Zoe, away on holiday. Seems like a nice chap, doesn’t he?

Zoe, however, appeared to get bored of her hardworking significant other and arranged a secret hook-up with another fella – but her plans were scuppered when Jordan changed his shifts at work, meaning that he was free on the evening she had intended to meet Man Number Two.

Here’s the message in full:


She even has the cheek to sound a bit pissed off about the fact that he’s not working now and wants to see her.

 Obviously, the message was intended for a friend of the woman…very much not meant for Jordan. She then tried to explain it away as a ‘dream’, apparently. Jordan wrote on Twitter: “I deleted everything but she said it was a dream she had and she meant to send it to a friend.

Jordan then decided to share the message with his Twitter followers and has since gone viral, with thousands of people rushing to tell him that he’s better off without her.

Unsurprisingly, Jordan has since said that he’s ended the relationship and described his ex as ‘not the brightest’.

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