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What This Mother Did To Her Toddler Will Infuriate You [VIDEO]

Dealing with crying, whining and screaming children can drive a person crazy, but there are limits, and I think we can all agree that what this mother did to her child is inexcusable.


The cruel mother was heard shouting, “Still crying?”

H/T Daily Mail

This is the heartbreaking moment a mother is seen throwing and kicking her toddler daughter down a flight of steps.

The footage, captured in the Guangdong province of southeast China, shows the woman yelling at the crying infant as she beats her with her foot against a tiled floor.

To date, almost eight million viewers have watched clip, with many airing their outrage at the ruthless scene.

The six-second-long clip was filmed by an onlooker around 3pm on February 24 and later posted to social media.

Following its release, Beijiao Police confirmed that the mother was given a verbal warning and the toddler didn’t sustain any identifiable injuries.


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