• September 23, 2022

London’s New Islamic Mayor Threatens More U.S. Attacks If Trump Doesn’t Back Down On Migrant Stance

London’s lost it! They’ve elected a terrorist as mayor.

In case you missed it, London elected a Muslim mayor recently who has radical ties to some pretty terrible things.

Now, he is making a strange threat to Donald Trump while claiming — and basically justifying — that Muslims will attack America if Trump doesn’t let them in.

From The Daily Caller:

The new Muslim mayor of London has issued a warning to Donald Trump: Moderate your stance on Muslims, or they will launch more attacks against America.

Trump recently praised Sadiq Khan for winning London’s mayoral race, and said he would be willing to create an exception in his policy restricting Muslim entry into the United States in order to allow Khan to visit. But in a statement Tuesday, Khan dismissed Trump’s invitation, and also denounced his views on Islam as “ignorant,” suggesting Trump’s policies would increase the terrorist threat in both the U.S. and U.K.

This is backwards for a couple reasons.

#1: It isn’t really a good look to be issuing threats or “warnings” to the United States immediately after getting the job as mayor of London.  Maybe worry about your own country that is falling apart at the seams.  Literally.

#2: The logic makes no sense.  He is basically saying that if you don’t do what Muslims want then they will attack your country and murder people.

So much for that whole religion of peace thing huh?

Clearly, there is a shift taking place in the country and we have already told you about how a quarter of British Muslims want to be ruled by Sharia Law.

This has directly contributed to the increase in the number of people in Britain who want to leave the disastrous European Union when they vote in late June.

Fingers crossed on that one.

Most likely, this will just inspire Donald Trump to keep doing what he’s doing and when it comes to immigration that’s a good thing.


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