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Look Who Is Attending Donald Trump’s Inauguration

It seem s like the mainstream media is so preoccupied with who isn’t coming to Trump’s inauguration that they don’t have time to name the people who are going.  Earlier in the day, George W Bush said he would be going and now the newest person to RSVP is none other than Hillary Clinton.  By now all the liberal websites are probably begging her to shove Trump out of the way and take the oath of office herself.



Hillary Clinton will attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, two of the Democrat’s aides say.

New York magazine reports that Clinton has deliberated over the past several weeks with friends and advisers whether to attend the Jan. 20 event.

New York magazine reports:

Two well-placed sources tell New York that over the past few weeks Hillary Clinton discussed with trusted advisers and friends whether or not she should attend the inaugural. She and President Clinton, the sources said, decided to do so out of a sense of duty and respect for the American democratic process.

Former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter will also attend the inauguration.




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