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Los Angeles Police Officer Gets Restraining Order Against BLM Scum

Los Angeles Police Commission Matt M. Johnson has filed for a restraining order against  Trevor Gerard, a BLM activist who has been following him, even to his home.  Johnson has further alleged that Gerard has made threats against him.  Johnson says that Gerard made ‘a gratuitous reference’ remark about Johnson’s children.



The filing of the restraining order follows a BLM protest at his home and the BLM infiltrating his place of business.  Gerard, of course says he is innocent.  He claims that Johnson is only making the accusations to further his own agenda.  I call BS.

From the Mail Online:

‘I never told him that he should be afraid of me. I never told him to meet me outside. I never threatened him with any kind of physical violence,’ he told LA Weekly.

The 35-year-old then blasted the the police commission board, accusing it of contributing to many of the issues Black Lives Matter is protesting against.

‘The people who sit on the commission board largely have acted as a rubber-stamp body for the extreme levels of violence that LAPD has been engaging in,’ Gerard said.

‘They have become too comfortable with the way that we’re forced to engage them in that meeting space, which is in the LAPD headquarters itself.’ 


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