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MAJOR Grocery Chain Refuses To Show Trump’s Face On Magazine

Regional grocery chain Publix Supermarkets officially decided to conceal an issue of The National Enquirer that heavily features President-elect Donald Trump’s face, according to a Tuesday report from the Palm Beach Post.


Trump supporters condemn the decision, asserting that the grocer’s actions are a politically motivated act. Some shoppers threatened to leave Publix for good in response.


“Is it true that Publix is covering magazines with Trump on cover? Shopped Publix for 50 years will have to switch stores if true,” a shopper threatened over Twitter.

The Florida-based grocery store argued that it received several complaints about the issue, and made its decision purely based on those complaints, not on any politically motivated decision on the part of Publix leadership.

“Recently, due to continual complaints, Publix added The National Enquirer to the list of titles we permanently cover in our stores,” the official release read. “Please know that this decision was based solely on a long history of customer complaints regarding offensive and objectionable material, not in response to a particular cover or any political views.”

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