Man Gives Burglar Lesson In Martial Arts

Florida man picked the wrong house to rob this week. Josue Ortiz needed some money, so rather than ask his boss for an advance, he decided it would be quicker and easier to just “borrow” some things from a co-worker. But he forgot to ask his fellow employee if he could have the items in question.


The Fort Myers, Florida man walked into the garage of Brian Burch and started helping himself to some of Mr. Burch’s tools not realizing that anyone was home. Unfortunately, about half way through his misbegotten attempt at burglary, the Florida homeowner heard a noise and went to investigate. Now Brian Burch is not just a large, powerful man, but he also happens to have been studying the Brazilian style of martial art jiu-jitsu.


When Lee county Deputies arrived at the scene, they found Josue Ortiz laying face down on the ground with Mr. Burch on top of him. Burch told officers Ortiz apparently saw the door to Burch’s garage had been left open and slipped in, he selected multiple tools and loading them into his vehicle.

Burch then told police that he went outside after hearing a noise and confronted Ortiz, who happened to be holding his jackhammer and airgun cases. “He told me that the boss sent him over here to pick up tools to finish a job,” Burch recalled Ortiz saying. When Burch started questioning his explanation, Ortiz must have decided the jig was up and tried to take off running. Unfortunately, he was fast, but failed to slip past the grasp of the jiu-jitsu student he was trying to rob.

Burch said: “Once we got to the ground, he started pushing and fighting me, and I hit him one time. If the kids had been here, I probably would have been even angrier.”

Police said that Ortiz suffered a broken nose, swollen lip and black eye in the altercation. He probably owes one of Mr. Bunch’s neighbor for not having more injuries, since the commotion caused the neighbor to invesitgate and he called authorities while Burch held Ortiz on the ground until authorities arrived.

Deputies arrested Ortiz on charges of burglary and grand theft and booked him into Lee County jail.


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