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Man Hijacks Car at Walmart Then He Gets the Shock of His Life



Michael Ortiz, 45, tried to steal merchandise from the Walmart in Swatara Township near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  As he was being chased from the store by their security officers, he decided to make a quick escape by carjacking a car from the lot.  He jumped into a car and ordered the driver to take off or he would infect her and her passenger with AIDS.  The driver did as she was told, but when they reached a red light, the passenger got out of the car and aimed her gun at Ortiz and demanded he get out of the car.

Once out of the car, he tried to wrestle the gun away but the passenger managed to get a shot off and Ortiz ran away like a schoolgirl.  It is not known if he was hit but the driver and passenger escaped unscathed thanks to the gun being carried for just such an occasion.

Store surveillance video not only captured Ortiz but also got the licence plate number of the car that dropped him off at the store.  Police are now searching for him.  Ortiz has previous arrests for violent robberies.


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