• October 26, 2021

Man Must Notify Police 24 Hours Before Having Sex


A man from North Yorkshire England, who cannot be named for legal reasons is forbidden to have sex unless he notifies the police 24 hours in advance.  He also has to give them the woman’s name.  The man has not been convicted of any crime but the North Yorkshire police petitioned a judge , citing the man as a risk.  The judge agreed and now the man must not only notify the police when he plans to have sex but he has to give them a list of every device he owns that can access the internet.

If the man decides to have sex outside the jurisdiction of the North Yorkshire police, he is obligated to tell the local police that he plans on boffing a woman in their district, also with a 24 hour notice.  He is currently under an “interim sexual risk order.”  A magistrate approved the order and the man must show up in court on May 19th, when it will be decided whether the man can be released or whether the order will become extended and for how long.

I was curious about this order and I did a little research.  I can’t say definitely that I have the answer but it looks like this could be the case.  A woman may have filed a complaint against the man for sexual assault, but there either isn’t enough evidence to try and convict him or the prosecuting attorney may not be buying her story.  But if they feel it could be true, the police in England can petition a magistrate in order to try to protect women who go out with him but don’t necessarily want to have sex.

It sounds like they are as screwed up in England as they are here.  Remember mattress girl?  She carried a mattress around campus all day long protesting the fact that she was “raped” and the school did nothing about it.  Neither the police nor the university was willing to try to punish the male student.  It turned out that her story was a fake and now the alleged rapist is suing the school for huge sums of money.

If a man commits a rape or a sexual assault, he should go to prison for a long time.  By the same token, a woman making a false accusation should be prosecuted and jailed.