• October 26, 2021

ICE Releases Felon With Record of Attempted Murder…He Gets it Right the 2nd Time


The funny thing about this investigation into the release policies put into place by Obama are two senators and one member of the House……….all democrats.  Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Sen Chris Murphy and Rep Joe Courtney all democrats from Connecticut, are wanting an investigation into why convicted man who committed attempted murder was released onto the streets and not deported after serving seventeen years.  After his release, the felon Jean Jacques went on to murder a woman.

Records indicate that ICE had placed a detainer on Jacques.  In fact, he was remanded to ICE twice and they still let him go.  The Inspector General has agreed to investigate and find out what went wrong.

The three democrats released a statement about the investigation:

“We are pleased that the Office of the Inspector General has heeded our call and will now conduct a thorough, independent inquiry of this deeply troubling case,” the release said. “It is unacceptable that ICE failed to remove a convicted attempted murderer subject to a final deportation order— a measure that would have saved the life of Casey Chadwick. ICE’s responses thus far to our repeated inquiries into this case have been incomplete and unsatisfactory, and we hope that this independent inquiry will finally uncover the facts surrounding this tragedy, enabling reforms necessary to ensure that this never happens again.”

After his release by ICE, Jacques allegedly murdered Casey Chadwick.  He is said to have stabbed the 25 year old woman to death in Norwich, Connecticut.  He somehow gained entrance to her apartment, where he stabbed her to death and then hid her body in a closet.  Chadwick’s mother was pleased to hear of the investigation:

“She shouldn’t have been killed.  She should still be here. They were supposed to deport him three different times, and that’s wrongful death as far as i’m concerned. If they did what they were supposed to do, he would have been deported and my daughter would still be here.”

Thanks a lot, Obama.