• October 4, 2023

Man Rapes Girlfriend And What She Does Next To Him Was Very DIsturbing

A woman chopped off her former boyfriend’s penis with scissors and then killed him with a hammer after he raped her, beat their young daughter and tried to blackmail her into giving him  $28,000 for a new car.

The Hong Kong High Court heard Chinese national Yeung Ki attacked Zhou Hui, her now-married former longtime lover, and flushed his penis down the toilet after feeding him with drug-laced soup,  the South China Morning Post reported.

A Chinese mainlander living in Hong Kong on a one way permit, 41-year-old Yeung flew into a rage during a visit by Zhou on Boxing Day, 2012. The 32-year-old piano teacher had come to the tiny public housing flat she shared with their four-year-old daughter to demand money and sex.

Evidence during Yeung’s trial for Zhou’s murder, which she denies although she has admitted she killed him, said the pair had an affair lasting years, during which he had deserted her while she was pregnant and borrowed money without paying it back on numerous occasions.

The woman drugged her 32-year-old former lover and then cut off his penis with scissors

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