Man Stopped Just Seconds Before Pushing Co-Worker Into Wood Chopper

A man was arrested for attempted murder after violently trying to push his co-worker into a wood chopper while cutting and chopping trees.

26-year-old Scott Edward Iverson of Stayton, Oregon, has been arrested after being accused of trying to push his co-worker head first into a wood chipper.


22-year-old co-worker Austin Crawford, was left shaken up by the incident, which nearly cost his life.

For unknown reasons, Iverson walked up behind Crawford, and put him in a choke hold. He then grabbed Crawford’s leg and tried to force him head first into the chopper.

Crawford said that he fought for his life as he did not want to die. While struggling to free himself from the suspect’s grip, other co-workers came to his rescue and pulled Iverson away from him.

Crawford has no idea what provoked Iverson, as the two had a good relationship since he started working for R&R Tree Service three months ago.

Iverson was arrested and charged with attempted murder and fourth-degree assault.


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