• December 6, 2022

Man Tries To Record Little Girl in the Fitting Room at Target

Target, the store where boys will be boys unless they want to claim to be girls has had yet another little girl molested in one of their fitting rooms  thanks to Target’s “No Pervert Left Behind” policy.  This time it was in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  A girl was in a fitting room when she saw a man slide his cell phone under the door, trying to record her dressing.  She screamed and ran out and the voyeur ran away.

A girl told authorities that she was in a Target fitting room March 26 when she looked down and noticed a man’s hand holding cell phone under the door. WBBM reports that the girl screamed and the voyeur ran away. Police say that any identifying information about the girl, including her exact age, has not been released because she is a minor.

Target has released a statement on the incident, saying that the company is committed to providing customers a safe shopping experience:

 At Target, our guests are at the center of everything we do and our commitment to creating a safe and secure shopping environment in our stores is unwavering. As a part this commitment to safety, we have robust procedures, policies and trainings in place to ensure that our stores are safe places to shop and work. As soon as this incident was brought to our attention, we immediately partnered with local law enforcement.

If Target really wanted young girls and women to be protected, why would they make their women’s facilities easily accessible to men?  And I would hate to be an employee there.  If you saw some pervert doing wrong and reported him, you could be fired for not respecting the rights of transgender pedophiles.  Police are withholding all information on the victim including her age as she is a minor.

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