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Here’s How This Mom FINALLY Got Her Teenage Daughters To Obey Her Rules [VIDEO]

No matter how good a teenager is, they eventually do something bad. Whether it is driving the car without permission, or staying out later than they should – or just having a foul mouth and bad habits – teenagers are a ticking time bomb.


Every parent must decide how they are going to discipline their children. Do they want to be physical or verbal? Use time outs or reward good, desirable behavior with praise and treats. The choices are endless and so are the styles of parenting available. Everyone does something that works for them.

But Alice Velasquez’s teens never listened. They never cleaned their rooms despite constant reminders. That’s when Alice got creative – and instituted a punishment they’ll never forget…

While Alice tried yelling, revoking their privileges and even taking away their smartphones, her teen daughters never improved their behavior. It was like they lived to torture their mom and disobey her orders.

So what did Alice do?

She went into her teens’ messy room and bagged up everything. EVERYTHING. The room was left spotless.

But what happened with the bags?

Alice didn’t toss them in the trash or donate the goods to Goodwill. Instead, she put a price tag on each – $25. If her bratty, entitled teens wanted their stuff back, they needed to buy it back from their mom.

How could they make the money? They had to do chores around the house. They couldn’t use outside savings or funds from jobs or anything. The only way for them to get their prized possessions back was through doing the housework they constantly ignored.

Alice shared her punishment on Facebook where people either applauded her creativity or admonished her cruelty. Although people from around the world told Alice what to do and what not to do, she took everything in stride and stuck to her instincts.

Like anyone else you have to hit them where it hurts.  Take away every luxury in their lives and they will comply.





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