• June 21, 2024

Man Trying to Find a Dog to Have Sex With Girlfriend Under Arrest


A man who advertised for a dog to have sex with his “sex slave” has been arrested along with his sex slave for trying to commit bestiality.  Unfortunately for the man, the offer he found was from a detective working under Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Arrested in the sting were Scott Brister, 45, a resident of Tempe, Arizona, and Rhonda Romine, 26 of Phoenix on charges related to bestiality.

Brister placed on ad on a bestiality website and after making contact with the detective, the conversation moved to the suspect’s private email account.  The ad was a solicitation for a male dog to have sex with Romine.  Brister told the detective that Romine would have sex with him also for providing the dog.  The couple planned on video recording the encounter.  Ironically, even though Brister continued to show interest, he was afraid of Sheriff Joe’s Animal Crimes Unit.  The couple asked the detective if he was a cop and he told them that he was not.

Brister and Romine received a picture from the detective of the dog he intended to bring and the couple gave their approval.  The two drove to a Holidat Inn on July 22nd to meet with the detective, who had brought a rescued dog and asked if the couple was agreeable and they affirmed that they were.  The detective then placed the couple under arrest.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated:

“Once again, this is bestiality case number eleven for my office. These investigations are becoming more difficult because of the ‘Zoosexual’ community checklist found online.  You can be sure, we will continue to make arrests in cases just like this one regardless of their attempts to outsmart my detectives.”

From Breaking 911:

Brister was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on class 3 felony in connection for arranging the sexual encounter between Romine and the dog. Romine was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on a class 6 felony on charges of conspiracy to commit bestiality.

Both Romine and Brister admitted to the crime.

The dog used in the case was not harmed.

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