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Man Violates Restraining Order…Girlfriend Enforces it With a Shotgun



A man who broke into his former girlfriend’s apartment to confront her got more than he had bargained for.  Steven Strange entered the Stanton, Kentucky home of his ex girlfriend, Melissa Roberts.  The police had been called to the residence several times as Strange had a very nasty habit of abusing Roberts.  We all know that restraining orders are worthless and offer women no protection whatsoever, however as Roberts proved a 12 gauge shotgun does nicely.  Strange was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her friends say that Roberts is distraught and that she meant to shoot Strange in the leg to show him she was not going to be a victim again.  Fortunately, poor aim isn’t a crime and neither is shooting an abusive ex who barges into your home.  Roberts will not face charges in the shooting as it was self defense.

From Breitbart:

Powell County Sheriff’s Deputies indicated “Roberts had an Emergency Protective Order against Strange at the time of the shooting.” The deputies said they had been called to the home “several times before” to intervene in “a relationship that was pretty tumultuous.”

After shooting Strange, Roberts called 911 and said, “I’m panicking. … I just killed the man I love.” One of Roberts’ friends, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “She’s not doing good mentally. She’s just devastated. She said the only thing she wanted to do was shoot him in the leg to let him know she’s done with being abused.”

I love happy endings.


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