• April 15, 2024

Man Was Found With Jar Of Mayonnaise In Walmart & He Was Not Making A Sandwich

Local Authorities were called to the East Lampeter Walmart last evening responding to a call that a man was performing sexual acts on himself with jars of mayonnaise in the men’s bathroom. A bystander witnessed it and ran to customer service where Walmart Employees called police. The witness said he could hear moaning in the stall next to him and all of a sudden an open jar of mayonnaise rolled over into his stall.

The man who just LOVES mayo
The man who just LOVES mayo

“This isn’t the firs time we got this call, but customers were able to restrain him from escaping this time. We suspect this man has been violating jars of mayonnaise for about 6 months.” Said Deputy Sergent Mike Grays of the East Lampeter Police.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect, but they have said that he’s a repeat sexual offender. He has been charged with 3 counts of public lewdness and 2 counts of felony sexual deviancy. Bail will be announced after his scheduled hearing.

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