• June 13, 2024

Man Wearing ISIS Logo Reportedly Arrested In Houston, TX

Man Wearing ISIS Logo Reportedly Arrested In Houston, TX


There isn’t much information on this story but it represents the second report – with photos – of an alleged ISIS fighter / sympathizer in Houston. According to a website called Political Ears, which links to a Tea Partyfacebook page, the back of a man wearing body armor is seen in what looks like a police car. The ISIS logo is imprinted on the body armor.


The fact that there is very little information out there about this story may be grounds for healthy skepticism. However, according to the website, the media is ignoring the story and Houston PD isn’t talking. Neither one of those claims seems all that implausible. It’s one thing to report ISIS beheading two Americans and an untold number of Syrians in Syria. It’s quite another to have confirmation that ISIS is operating on American soil.

Last week, another website – Wounded American Warrior – posted a separate photo of a man wearing a black robe with what appears to be an ISIS logo on his back right shoulder.


Here’s an interview with the man who took the picture. Fast forward to the 10:22 mark as KPRC host Matt Patrick interviews Mike Kasper. The photo was reportedly taken at Jason’s Deli on west 34th and 290. At the 18:20 mark, Kasper said people in the Muslim community told him they knew who this guy was. Kasper said he went to the man’s facebook page and there were even more photos of him in ISIS apparel:


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