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#ManEnoughForHillary Ad Connects Her With VENEREAL DISEASE!

OH NO! Hillary’s team has fallen down on the job on this one. Opposition has set her up for BIG TIME  EMBARRASSMENT!! This ad connects the former FLOTUS/Secretary to … Big Time venereal disease!

A fake Hillary Clinton ad campaign went viral Thursday, or maybe double viral since the stock photo it used was part of a public health campaign about syphilis.

Here is the fake ad:#ManEnoughForHillary Ad Connects Her With VENEREAL DISEASE!

And the previous use of the hipster stock footage model in Portland:

#ManEnoughForHillary Ad Connects Her With VENEREAL DISEASE!

Given Clinton’s minor PR failings, from giving Donald Trump a stupid nickname to pushing out an inane Venn diagram, there is maybe a shred of reason for the viewer to assume at first glance that the ad as an official statement and not a joke. Certainly her critics on the left and right might expect her pander with such ham-fisted ineptitude as the ad implies. But even if you wanted it to be true and real, you’d expect greater image resolution before concluding this bearded gentleman is #withher. After all, Hillary’s got the money for capable graphic designers.

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