• June 19, 2024

Manhunt underway for a fugitive with a hit list of potential victims

Wanted: Anthony Christopher Shannon Jr.
Wanted: Anthony Christopher Shannon Jr.

A manhunt is on in York, S.C. for a dangerous suspect police believe is responsible for two separate shootings and believe that he has a hit list of potential victims he wants to target for murder.

Anthony Christopher Shannon Jr., 22, who goes by “Ant,” is accused in the July 4 shooting of a male acquaintance in York, police have stated. Shannon fled before police arrived, but York police Chief Andy Robinson said the incident was witnessed by a large group of people.

“He has a list of people he wants to shoot, and he’s on his way to completing that list,” said York Police Lieutenant Rich Caddell told WCNC. “Anthony is a dangerous man. He’s done some dangerous things and [is] putting people’s lives in jeopardy.”

Caddell stated that Shannon has a hit list of at least four people he wants to kill. He is wanted on two counts of attempted murder. Caddell also told WCNC that he fears it’s not just the people on that list who are in danger.

“The public in general is in danger from him,” he said. “He is just a very violent person who is on a very violent rampage right now.”

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