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Many Questions Surround Michelle Fields’ Accusations Against Lewandowski




There seems to be a lot of questions about the events as related by Clinton Supporter Michelle Fields’ account of her “assault.”  First, let me say there is no doubt that Corey Lewandowski did move Fields out of the way.  She claims that Trump had acknowledged her question and was about to answer her, but the video shows him blowing right by her surrounded by Secret Service agents.  However, she claims that he yanked her so hard she almost fell down and had to catch herself.  I have watched the following video several times and I can’t see any of that happening:

The Daily Mail talked to a Secret Service agent who was part of the Trump detail, who claims that Fields was warned by agents twice to move away from Trump but she then jumped between agents to talk to Trump:

‘She crossed in between agents and our protectee after being told not to,’ said the agent, who was present that night in Jupiter.

Take another look at the video and see where Field’s left hand is and how far away Lewandowski is from her.  No doubt he did grab her, but it had to be above the elbow unless his arms are made out of rubber.  Here is a still photo of the grab by Lewandowski:

The Jupiter Police Department released footage on Tuesday giving the public an eagle-eye view of the incident where Corey Lewandowski's grab at Michelle Fields is clear

How could he have possibly grabbed her arm near the wrist?  She has her phone in her right hand for recording the conversation.

Then there is the recording between Fields and WaPo reporter Ben Terris, which was quite conveniently recorded by Fields herself.  Why would it be recorded?  Also, Terris was not there by himself that night.  Photographer Jabin Botsfield was with him, yet he doesn’t have a single photo of the alleged assault.  Some on the internet have speculated that Terris ordered him to destroy all the photos.  That in itself is no indication that there is any truth to the claims.

However, if we look at Botsfield’s tweets about that night, suspicions have to be raised:

Jabin Botsford journalism fraud.29 AM

Here is a picture published by the WaPo from the event and pay attention to who is credited with taking the picture:

Michelle Fields WaPo journalism fraud

Botsfield was called out for his lie:

Jabin Botsford journalistic fraud.57 AM

I will not tell you what to believe, but look at the video and the stills and use your own judgement.

Before I end this article, I would like to point out the sheer hypocrisy of Ted Cruz.  At the CNN townhall meeting, Cruz said that Lewandowski should be fired and the fact that he wasn’t was indicative of the entire Trump campaign.  But when Rick Tyler instructed precinct captains to tell voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race at the Iowa caucuses, committing what appears to be voter fraud, Cruz refused to fire him.  Does that mean that voter fraud is indicative to the Cruz campaign?  Inquiring minds want to know.




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