• May 26, 2022

Maryland Democrats Plan To Cheat The Election Results And This Is Their Plan

As we all know by now, it is not possible to trust Leftist Democrats. Every thing they do is scripted and designed to only advance the agenda they adhere to. Democrats have reached their final chapter in that book for this election cycle, that being; when we do not win elections, we try to win through litigation. That is where we are today, trying to side step one of the oldest and truest laws to properly gauge voting in the 50 states.


Measures to sidestep the Electoral College are being considered throughout the country, and many believe Maryland is just the beginning of a nationwide movement to uproot and forever change the U.S. election process. Today, there are legislative sponsors for the idea in 47 states.

Provided by Federalist Papers:

Pure democracy” is just another phrase for “mob rule.” Dictatorship of the majority means 51 percent of the citizenry rule the other 49 percent. That minority has no rights except those the condescending majority grants. It works well for those in the 51 percent, not so much for those in the 49. Plato knew it, and James Madison, who knew his Plato, did too. Plato and Madison both recognized that justice and liberty for the minority is possible only when power is shared between groups in society. How ironic—and tragic if no stay-of-execution arrives—that those who clamor for “one person-one vote” are seeking more power at the expense of power they already have.

I am a big fan of the Electoral College, it makes great sense in the approach to making everyone’s vote in every state important. Without it the East coast and the West Coast would elect the president every 4 years, and we all know by now what color those states are.

One question is, would this be happening if the names were reversed in the final tally?

What do you think?





What do you think?

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