• September 26, 2022

Matt Damon Finds Himself In Hot Water After Saying “Diversity” Only Mattered In Role Casting

Actor Matt Damon has come under fire for suggesting it is important to consider diversity when casting films – but not when considering those behind the camera.

In the new series of HBO’s Project Greenlight, the 44-year-old Hollywood star became embroiled in a debate with Effie Brown, a black film producer. The reality TV show focuses on a group of filmmakers who provide scripts to a panel of judges, the winner of which gets a $3million budget to direct their project.

While discussing a project in which the only black character is a prostitute who ‘gets hit by her white pimp’, Brown suggests the group should be careful who they pick to direct such a sensitive character. But Damon responds that diversity is ‘what you do in the casting of the movie, not the casting of the show’.

Brown, a film producer of Dear White People and But I’m a Cheerleader, looks shocked, and replies with: ‘Wow, OK’.
According to NBC, Damon later said he appreciated Brown raising the issue – and stated he was referring to the competition which they were judging.

He said: ‘Ultimately and suddenly if you change the rules of this competition at the 11th hour, it seems like you would undermine what the competition was supposed to be about, which is about giving somebody this job based entirely on merit and leaving all other factors out of it. ‘This is strictly a filmmaking competition.’

Since the episode aired two nights ago, the hashtag #damonsplaining has trended, mocking his attempt to explain diversity to Brown.

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