• April 15, 2024

SHOCKING: This Ivy League School Plans Yale To Open Sharia Law Center

Yale University plans to use a $10 million gift from Saudi real estate tycoon Abdallah Kamel to construct a Sharia Law Center dedicated to the study of Islamic law and civilization, reported the Yale Daily News:

The center, named after the donor, will bring scholars of Islam to campus for lectures, seminar discussions, visiting professorships and fellowships. It comes three years after the beginning of a “very successful” lecture series at the law school, which Kamel also sponsored.
One question immediately comes to mind, courtesy BizPac Review writer Carmine Sabia, who asked, “When exactly will American lawyers have to know how to practice Islamic law?”

Bingo. Islamic law serves no purpose in the United States given that we operate off of constitutional law.
Furthermore, asked Sabia, “[W]hy are the elite of Saudi Arabia, a nation whose government officials and royalty are believed to have funded the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, so interested in starting Sharia law centers at America’s top schools?”

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