Maxine Waters Stokes Dangerous Conspiracy Theory That May Signal Dem Strategy For November

Rep. Maxine Waters on Wednesday called President Donald Trump’s moves to put federal agents into chaos-stricken American cities a “trial run” for keeping power if he loses the November election.


It sounded more like Waters was floating a trial balloon for Democrats who refuse to accept the election’s results.

And it doesn’t mean anything good.

The inflammatory California Democrat has a history of inciting acts of intimidation against the Trump administration — her 2018 public call for the harassment of cabinet officials is still notorious.

So when she told MSNBC’s newly minted weekday anchor Joy Reid that Trump’s actions to protect federal buildings from rioters with federal agents in Portland, Oregon, and his plans to use federal agents in other cities run by Democrats, could really be a dress rehearsal for keeping control of the White House come November, it was worth listening with a cynical ear.

“The people of this town had better be worried about what we’re seeing in Portland,” Waters said. “We have these paramilitary police officers, or whomever they are, they’re federal officers or agents of some kind, that’s been organized by the president of the United States, he did not contact the local mayors, he did not contact the governors, he just sent them in. Who are these people?

“This is what you see in countries where you have dictators. In Third World countries where with dictators who have paramilitary that they can call up anytime they want.

“As a matter of fact, it has been suggested that this is a trial run for the president of the United States who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election if he’s not elected.

“Is he going to pull out his military? Is he going to engage us? He has already alluded to ‘there may be a civil war’ if he’s not re-elected. This is dangerous.”

As usual with liberals — and as virtually always with Waters — the congresswoman has it exactly backward.

It has historically been Democrats in the United States who refuse to accept the results of elections (the Civil War started over exactly that, in fact, when Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election). The years of the Trump presidency have borne that out.

And as usual, with liberals, they are accusing their political opponents of engaging in behavior the left is most guilty of.

With that in mind, Waters’ warnings about the aftermath of the 2020 vote sound more like a prediction of a violent leftist backlash — groundwork for the kind destructive unrest the unhappy city of Portland has been witnessing now for going on two months of consecutive nightly confrontations.

For “The ReidOut” host Joy Reid, it was easy to play along with the Waters propaganda.

But Trump supporters who watched Waters saw what the message really was:



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