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Media Cover Up! UCLA Shooter’s Religion Was Not Hindu! Just Guess ….

As America’s Freedom Fighters reported earlier, media outlets, including the school’s paper, described the UCLA shooting suspect as a “6 foot tall white male,” and the left was having a field day, blaming a “white, right-wing terrorist.” There’s just one problem- he’s NOT white!

That’s why the liberal media isn’t telling their viewers his name- Mainak Sarkar. Not exactly a white person’s name huh?

If that’s not bad enough, the deceptive media has been caught been in the act of attempting to cover up both the race and religion of Sarkar in an effort to make his crime fit with a political narrative by editing his profile before publicizing his name.

UCLA student Pardes Seleh witnessed a shocking moment when everipedia changed Sarkar’s religion from Islam to Hindu, according to RedStateWatcher. The news is now all over social media:

Media Cover Up! UCLA Shooter Religion Was Not Hindu! Just Guess ....

WHOA! Now his religion is listed as HINDU! Unbelievable.

But that wasn’t enough! They did yet ANOTHER edit which completely eliminates BOTH his RACE AND RELIGION!

Check it out!

Media Cover Up! UCLA Shooter Religion Was Not Hindu! Just Guess ....

For God’s sake! Can you believe this garbage?

Ben Marquis at CT has more:

This blatant effort at covering up a rather salient piece of information regarding the UCLA killer is nothing short of disgusting, as you and I both know that the same sort of careful courtesy would not have been extended to a shooter of another religion.

In fact, you and I both know that if the shooter really had turned out to be a “white male” and a “Christian,” we would have seen his face plastered on the news non-stop for the past 24 hours, would already know where he lived as a child, what church he went to, where his parents worked, where he bought the gun, what kind of cereal he ate that morning, his favorite color, etc., etc. See the Charleston shooter as a prime example.

Instead, a crazy Islamic guy killed his white ex-girlfriend in Minnesota, then traveled to UCLA immediately to kill a white professor he had a beef with, then killed himself, with hardly any of that information being reported in a widespread manner by the liberal media, as it doesn’t fit their carefully manufactured narrative that Muslims are peaceful and white guys suck.

Screw every liberal. They are nothing but garbage.

America’s Freedom Fighters

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