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Meet the Women Who Have 60 Orgasms Per Sex Session…Gift From God

In Britain they filmed a documentary on the “Super Orgasm”.  That is having dozens of orgasms during sex.  The women who appeared on the show were very diverse.  Nathalie is a motorbike mechanic and a bisexual.  Janette is a devout Christian who believes her ability to achieve so many orgasms is due toa gift from God.  Francesca is a 59 year old woman who didn’t find out she was multi orgasmic until after she divorced her husband.  If they named him or showed his picture on TV, his life is over.


Scientists exploring the phenomenon in the show say the women’s capacity for achieving maximum pleasure is because of their unusually high state of arousal, which in turn releases even more of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.

But Nathalie puts it down to her bisexuality and open approach to sex.

‘I don’t really practice monogamy, I’m not really a relationship person in the traditional sense,’ she says.

‘The most I have had is probably an upwards of 60 in one evening. If I’m with a friend and we’re comfortable together, then probably 20-30. If we’re pushed for time we’ll drop it back to about seven or ten.

‘If I’m on my own I’ll probably get bored after four or five,’ she adds.

Janette, 28, a web entrepreneur based in South London, is a Christian who never spoke about sex with her parents, yet she believes her ability to achieve super orgasm is rooted in her religion.

‘As a Christian you get told that God makes you feel good,’ she says on the show.

‘So when I have an orgasm and it’s the best feeling in the world, so as far as I am concerned God gave me that power.’

Francesca, 59, who was born in Portugal and now lives in Cardiff, has been super orgasmic for decades and describes the experience as like ‘riding a wave’.
She thinks being in love makes sex better and says she doesn’t need sex toys.
She and her new partner, retired nuclear physicist Colin, 64, sleep together for the first time during the show – but he doesn’t let him in on her secret in advance.
Afterwards, Colin is astonished as he reveals how many times Francesca climaxed: ‘There were 20 to 30-plus, there were a lot. That was new for me and quite incredible.
‘What I do know is that this wonderful lady is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Here is what the doctors determined caused these women to achieve orgasms by the dozens:

Dr Gerulf Rieger, who studies sexual arousal at the University of Essex, says in the show that the so-called super orgasmic women could be in a heightened state of arousal before even embarking on intercourse.
That’s how they can achieve multiple orgasms in a row: ‘It is like a jump start to sexual response that other women don’t have.’
During a study, Dr Rieger tasked all four women with watching porn – and found they had a higher than average blood flow to the genitals.
They were ‘twice as aroused’ by anything sexual as the average woman, he said.
‘This would suggest that from the very early beginnings of a sexual situation, these women start to respond differently on a physiological level.’
Neuroscientist and pscyhophysiologist Dr Nicole Prowse, who also features on the show, also found that the women had different brain activity to those who typically climax just once.
Dr Prowse uses an electroencephalograph monitor (EEG) while the women are masturbating to record brain activity, and discovers their brain alpha waves are high when they orgasm – meaning they are in a ‘chilled out state’.
She says the data suggests that to achieve a super orgasm, other women may need to ‘turn their brain off and be less engaged, by letting go’.
The study also found that women who orgasm more than once during sex release more levels of oxytocin – the ‘love hormone’.

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