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Megyn Kelly Now Wants to Return to Fox News, Their Response Is Savage

Megyn Kelly is no longer with NBC but do not think that means she is going to be welcomed back to Fox News with open arms.


According to Daily Mail:

Megyn Kelly will likely be a free agent after her lawyer and NBC executives finalize an exit deal in the coming days. Friday the network confirmed her 9 am hour would never air again and would instead be backfilled by other Today talent.

Rumors of a possible return to Fox News were firmly shot down by an informed and high-level source at her former network on Friday, who told that Kelly ‘is not coming back to any of the Fox News platforms.’

A Fox News publicist insinuated on the record earlier this week that there was no place for Kelly at the moment. ‘We are extremely happy with our entire line-up.’

Ooooh. That’s COLD.

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