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Melania Trump Makes the Cover of Vanity Fair…In Mexico

Melania Trump got her first magazine cover and it’s for Vanity Fair.  The problem is that it’s Vanity Fair in Mexico, not the United States,  I got this sneaky feeling that Melania will not be gracing multitudes of magazine covers like Hillary and Michelle.  What’s next?  People magazine in Sri Lanka?



The photo shows the First Lady Of The United States (FLOTUS) holding a fork twirling jewels as is she was eating pasta. Under where her name appears on the cover is the line “es la NUEVA JACKIE KENNEDY” which translates into ‘the new Jackie Kennedy’.

The move by Vanity Fair comes as Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled an upcoming meeting on Thursday he had scheduled with President Trump.

Shortly after cancelling the meeting the Peso plunged in value. To ensure that the wall will be paid for by Mexico the Trump administration floated the idea that Mexican imports may have to pay a 20 percent tax.

Perhaps Melania Trump’s beauty will soften any harsh views towards the United States that maybe going on in Mexico right now as a result of President Trump cracking down on illegal immigration by building the border wall.

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