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Michelle Obama Named In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit For Lavishly Spending Tax Money

Thank God, someone, like Judicial Watch, is probing beyond the surface to get to the bottom of the atrocities coming from the White House. Leave it the Obamas to think that spending tax payer dollars is ok when it comes to jet setting around the world. I hope they nail her.


Well, it looks like Michelle Obama may finally get what’s been coming to here. Judicial Watch has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Air Force, demanding records specifying the cost of the First Lady’s lavish trip to Spain in 2010.

Right Side News reports that the conservative group has been trying to obtain the records for some time. Not surprisingly, they have been repeatedly stonewalled by the Obama administration. The same thing happened when Judicial Watch sued to obtain records of Michelle’s 2011 trip to Africa.

Experts believe that Michelle’s trip to Spain, however, was entirely personal—and was taken at the expense of American taxpayers. 

The Obamas have done everything they can to shroud this trip in mystery. The only thing we know is that in the summer of 2010, Michelle and one of her daughters set off on a “whirlwind tour of Spain.” During their trip, they visited many coastal towns and dined with the king and queen. 

They were reportedly accompanied by “two friends and four of their daughters, as well as a couple of aides and a couple of advance staff members.”

The Obamas have maintained that they “paid their own way” on the trip, but will not release any documentation to back this up. At a minimum, taxpayers paid for Michelle’s security—which alone is quite costly.

What do you think? Does Michelle deserve to be sued for her entitlement?

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