• November 27, 2022

Microsoft Hires EROTIC SCHOOLGIRL “DANCERS” For It’s GDC Party!

So, it would seem the big question here is, “What kind of ‘game development’ is Microsoft promoting at its Game Developer Conference?” After it was embarrassingly exposed they did, however, issue an apology. Sure. That’s nice.

Sexism has long been known to be a problem in the tech and gaming industries, but Microsoft has been forced to take responsibility for a GDC party which featured what are being described as “erotic schoolgirls” dancing throughout the party. After photos leaked of the Microsoft party and many were shocked, Microsoft apologized.

The Seattle Times is reporting that after pictures of the Microsoft GDC (Game Developers Conference) party complete with dancers dressed like provocative schoolgirls were released, a wave of social media criticism hit that Microsoft seemed not to be expecting. The women, who were obviously not actual schoolgirls, were scantily clad and gave validation to the criticism that Microsoft is a sexist environment that is not interested in the comfort of women or female employees.

Microsoft Hires EROTIC SCHOOLGIRL "DANCERS" For It's GDC Party!

Many of those who attended the Microsoft party objected to the women, dressed as “naughty schoolgirls” who danced on elevated platforms throughout the GDC party in San Fransisco, and posted promptly on social media.

“Making a formal complaint tomorrow. I will not stand for this. I’m trying to encourage women into the industry then this happens.”

Others then posted that they were about to do the same thing, and were disgusted by the misogynistic atmosphere that Microsoft chose for such a big event. At gaming conferences, women have been used as decoration, and the concept of utilizing “booth babes” seemed alive and well at Microsoft.

“This is how the games industry excludes women,” another said. “By pretending we don’t exist and having (developer) parties with strippers.”

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox group, says the entertainment at this GDC event does not portray how Microsoft feels about women, and it is not aligned with their values.

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