• September 24, 2022

Missouri Is One Step Closer To Less Restrictive Gun Laws

Who knew? They can’t pass a religious freedom bill, but they can eliminate permits for conceal and carry? In this anti gun political climate? Missouri is a confused conservative mess. I’m surprised they are sticking their RINO necks out on this one. The legislature is a veto proof Republican majority, with a Democrat in the governor’s mansion. It sure would be nice to NOT have to pay the exorbitant license fees and have to stand in front of the biometric cameras to get my picture taken for the government to license me.

KY3.comJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. A bill designed to ease limits on the concealed carry of weapons advanced in the Missouri Legislature after House members voted 112-37 to send it to the Senate.

The legislation that House members approved on Tuesday would let people carry concealed guns without a permit anywhere they now can carry guns openly, something that doesn’t require a permit.

The bill also would expand the state’s castle doctrine law by giving people the right to use deadly force to defend themselves and their property against intruders. House guests given permission, such as a baby sitter, also would be covered.

Rep. Eric Burlison, R – Springfield, says the goal is to reduce restrictions on how people can legally carry guns. Democratic opponents cite concerns about gun violence.

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