• November 28, 2022

Polygamist Man Is Threatening To Sue Montana State Over His “Rights”

That took no time at all for this argument to pop up!

A Mormon man in Montana is now threatening to sue the state of Montana if it refuses to recognize his polygamist union with two women. Many of us were warning that the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize homosexual “marriage,” will only enable other perverts to get their perversity protected and recognized by the government. People mocked us and said: “You are just using the slippery slope fallacy!” We are seeing this descending slope slipping into the inferno.

According to the report:

A polygamist says he should be allowed to marry two women thanks to the new US gay marriage ruling.

And Nathan Collier, 46, says he will sue his home state of Montana if they don’t let him legally wed his second bride.

Last week’s landmark US Supreme Court decision to legalise same-sex marriages inspired his decision, Mr Collier said.

The bigamist, from Billings, already has one legitimate wife, but says he married another in a “spiritual” ceremony earlier this week.

Now he wants a license from officials in Billings to legalize his marriages to both Christine and Vicki.


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