Mother Arrested After Allegedly Shooting 4yo Son Then Tampering With Evidence

A mother was arrested after her 4-year old was shot in the chest and in critical condition.


Patricia Todd, 41-years old, was arrested by Atlanta police and charged with aggravated assault, tampering with evidence and cruelty to children, Officer Ralph Woolfolk said.


The child is in critical condition at a local hospital. There was no reason given as to why the mother would shoot the toddler. Woolfolk said the nature of the assault charge signaled that detectives believe the shooting was intentional, but he declined to say whether they believed the mom shot the child on purpose or accidentally.

Officers found a gun in Todd’s residence after her son was found shot in the torso.

According to neighbors she was hysterical when police arrived. Police searched the home and recovered the gun used to shoot the child and removed several bags of evidence.

Detectives interviewed Todd and found a gun in her southwest Atlanta apartment after her son was wounded, said Maj. Adam Lee, head of major crimes.

“It is going to touch your heart when you’re dealing with such a grave injury to such a young person,” Lee said.

Neighbors and relatives identified the boy as Jamari Todd and a 911 caller said he had been shot in the chest.

Todd shares the same residence with her boyfriend. Todd was interviewed at length while detectives tried to determine whether the mother and son were the only people inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, Lee said. He declined to describe whether Todd was cooperative in the interview.

According to Belinda Weems, she did not hear the gunshot over the noise of her air conditioner, but she heard Todd screaming. Todd recently move to the neighborhood, all seemed well and her son appeared well-cared-for, she added.



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