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Mother Goes to Wake Drunken Daughter, What She Saw Will Haunt her Forever

Joanna Goode’s daughter came home early from a New Year’s Eve party, complaining of sickness. She had been supposed to have been spending the night with a friend.   She helped her daughter into bed and placed her in the “recovery position”.  The recovery position is a position that allows a person’s airways stay open in order to make sure that person remains breathing.


“She was still texting her friends ‘Happy New Year,’ and I went up to bed with her to make sure she was settled. I stayed with her and I did notice she was trying to lie on her back when she was half asleep so I put her in the recovery position.”

The next morning Goode went into her daughter’s bedroom to wake her up but she was gone.  The alcohol in her stomach filled up her lungs and choked her to death.  It was later discovered that her daughter had been drinking Frosty Jack’s Cider.  A bottle of that is equal to 22 shots of vodka and only costs four dollars for the bottle.  The price makes it affordable for any child to purchase it with mere pocket money, making it a real danger for teens.


From IJR:

When Goode went to wake her daughter the next morning she discovered a horrifying scene. Megan had died in her sleep from pulmonary aspiration, in which she had gotten sick and the contents of her stomach entered into her lungs.

Since that tragic night in 2013, Megan’s mother has been leading a campaign to warn parents of the dangers of cheap, dangerously strong alcohol. The Daily Record reports Goode’s crusade extends to teenagers as well, warning them about the dangers of buying alcohol with “pocket money.”

In the United States, high-strength, sweet alcoholic beverages known as spirits, coolers, or “alcopop,” dominate the market outside of traditional beer, wine, and liquor.


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