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Muslim Refugee Kids Suing U.K. for Asylum Rights

Dozens of refugee children previously housed in an illegal French refugee camp sued the British government over asylum applications Thursday.

All of the kids are under the age of 17 and come from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Sudan. 28 of the children’s asylum applications were denied in Britain, and the remaining applications are still in process mode. The children and their lawyers claim that the U.K. government is mishandling their asylum process.

U.K. law says that the government must allow in vulnerable refugee children, but the government is allowed to discern who fits the standard and who does not. These children allege that the government violated this stipulation of U.K. law, saying they fit the legal standard. The U.K. has allowed nearly 2o0 children into the country who they feel were vulnerable.

All the children are now being held in French refugee reception areas. British officials told The Guardian they could not treat some children differently because they had legal representation.

The children’s lawyer angrily protested, “The government has rendered these children, including some as young as 13, to effectively be without any legal remedy until well into the new year, which is the earliest that the relevant Home Office officials have agreed to give reasons for refusing some of these children.”

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